Our Brand's Origin

The LAVACO name and Identity was developed by CREATIVO Partners for Ryan Miccio the founder. LAVACO is a combination of two words Lava & Co, however its deeper than that. Some meanings are evident others are more in-depth but they are powerful and present.


LAVACO's essence rests in the word lava which has a double meaning on to itself. Lava is derived from Lavare, Latin for wash/washing but it also finds its roots in history, the Italian language and nature. LAVA is more commonly known as multan lava, the extremely hot substance that scorches the earth slowly as a result of a volcanic eruption. Lava changes the landscape with powerful heat.

Mount Vesuvius, Stratovolcano in Italy

Mount Vesuvius, Stratovolcano in Italy

This is where things got interesting, LAVA has A powerful history as it is rooted in both water & heat. These two words are actually related and connected through time.

Lava as it pertains to a volcanic eruption was first used to describe the eruption of mount Vesuvius. It was said to describe how the molten lava flowed like a river destroying anything in its path.


Lava in essence cleans the land and ripens it for a fresh new start. This analogy resonates as we think of the water and specialty chemicals with high pressure washing over the bins, trash cans, shopping carts, cement, concrete, parking lots, walls and so on.

Mount Vesuvius, Stratovolcano in Italy

Mount Vesuvius, Stratovolcano in Italy

In the mid 18th century: from Italian (Neapolitan dialect), denoting the lava stream from Vesuvius, but originally denoting a stream caused by sudden rain, from lavare ‘to wash’, from Latin.

Design Methodology

Massimo Vignelli in his Manhattan studio.

Massimo Vignelli in his Manhattan studio.

Once the LAVACO name revealed itself it was time to craft an identity equally as compelling. To do so we continued along it's Italian origins. CREATIVO developed a design methodology based on the work of Massimo Vignelli. Characterized by bold, simple and clear design Massimo has branded some of the worlds most recognizable and established brands. His approach is rooted in simplicity. CREATIVO focused on simplicity as Massimo advocated, limited typefaces, limited colors and maximum clarity and emotion.

The LAVACO logo looks well established and minimal, yet it is extremely versatile. It actually exists in the negative space (white on a color strip).

The logo is user friendly enough to change color or place it over a photo without its color housing. The font used is FUTURA one of the five typefaces used by Massimo.

LAVACO Naming Images LOGO.jpg

CREATIVO customized the typeface extending it’s ligatures and descenders - this is unique to the logo itself. You will find that the colors selected are influenced by hot lava, cleansing deep seas and environmentally friendly hues.

As the Identity system developed we took cues from Massimo's studio, creating a complimentary pattern that echoed the work of Michael Bierut, Massimo's apprentice.

CREATIVO did this to pay homage to these designers and their approach (Saks Fifth Avenue Identity Re-Design). We found that this resulted in a powerful origin story, effective design language and a distinct and recognizable name and presence that connected with both the founder and it's core audience.