Meet the Founder

After living in Chicago and San Francisco for ten years I decided to relocate to the desert. I’ve been visiting Palm Springs since I was a kid and have always loved the sense of community and relaxing sunny skies the desert offers year-round. 

When you live in big cities like I did the process of taking out the garbage is fairly simple and someone else's problem, you just drop it in the trash chute (likely near your elevator) and it goes away - it’s out of sight and out of mind. When I moved to Palm Springs, I inherited four trash bins from the local waste company. 

All of a sudden, my garbage was no longer out of sight. I found myself taking my garbage out to my own bins on the side of the house, trying to quickly lift the lid with one finger to avoid how gross, dirty and smelly the bin was. They were disgusting, and I thought to myself, this unhealthy and unsafe. 

After doing some research, I learned how much bacteria and disease can easily manifest inside your un-sanitized trash bin, especially in our hot climate. Those bacteria and diseases can then can easily be spread by flies and rodents, jeopardizing your family’s health - including your pets. 

I started LAVACO with the best interests of you, our environment and community in mind. I invite you to explore our residential and commercial services and learn about how we can offer powerful cleaning solutions that protect you and our environment. 

In addition to starting this business, I also make it a priority to give back to our community through civic leadership. I am proud to say that it’s my honor to currently serve the City of Palm Springs as a Commissioner on the Human Rights Commission.

Ryan E. Miccio, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ryan E. Miccio, Founder & Chief Executive Officer